Glossary of Terms

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The following is a useful glossary of family law related terms used in Scotland:


Bar Reporter

An independent Solicitor appointed by the Court to investigate the welfare and circumstances of a child, usually in contact and residence cases, and to report to the Court on their investigations and to make recommendations to the Court in light of those investigations.


Behaviour that is unreasonable for your spouse to live with is an immediate ground for divorce. You cannot found on your own unreasonable behaviour as a ground for divorce. It is not a defence to an action of divorce that your behaviour is the result of a mental illness.

Best Interests

The welfare of a child and therefore the best interests of a child are the paramount factor the Court must take into account when any orders are sought in respect of that child. The Court are often asked to regulate the arrangements for the care of children by deciding with which parent the child should live and what contact they should have with the other parent. A Court should not make an order in respect of a child unless it can be shown that it is better for the child that the order be made than that no order be made at all.