Zenab Saheel-Ikram
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Watt Law Solicitors

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I am a Trainee Solicitor for Watt Law Solicitors, based in the Glasgow area. I have been granted early admission by the LSS and look forward to engaging in court. I will be fully qualified in May 2023 and have been working to specialise in family and criminal law. I advise clients on all areas of family law and allow them to consider the various aspects which can arise, such as financial consequences of divorce, cohabitation disputes and agreements, contact, and so on.

I am able to take an objective view of all details of my clients’ affairs and give equipoise advice about all of the issues which can arise out of the breakdown of a relationship/partnership.

I always ensure that I try and help my clients reach an agreed resolution of the issues arising from their separation and always suggest mediation as a form of dispute resolution before jumping to court proceedings. I hope to gain much experience litigating, whilst ensuring my client's best interests have been met.

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