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Divorce, and other family disputes, can be stressful and difficult whatever the circumstances. Clear, straightforward and practical legal advice can make things a bit easier. I aim to offer that, together with the kindness and pragmatism I think a family lawyer needs - legal knowledge isn't enough on its own, especially when there are children involved.

My aim is to help you resolve matters quickly, cost-effectively, and sensitively so you can move forward with your life. I'm not interested in stirring up conflict for the sake of it, but can stand firm if required!

I also advise families in situations where a loved one can't make decisions for themselves. This normally requires going to court, and I am experienced in guiding people through this unfamiliar and stressful process. I have also advised local authorities involved in safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable adults.

Before becoming a lawyer I was a successful public sector project manager, and I still draw on that experience - turns out legal work also requires delivering high quality work on time and within budget. I'll always aim to do that for you, but I also won't lose sight of the human element.

I am accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in Family Law.

If I can help, contact me - 0131 322 8375, DianneMillen@watermans.co.uk.

Specialties: Family law, international divorce and separation, complex financial provision, cohabitation claims, residence and contact disputes, international and domestic private adoption, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, adults with incapacity, guardianships; deprivation of liberty; coaching, mentoring, and training

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