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Family Law Association Response on Legal Aid Issues affecting our Membership

Monday, 1 June, 2015 | admin

In Spring of 2015 The Committee sought the views of the F.L.A. membership on a document from The Scottish Legal Aid Board on applications for legal aid in contact/residence cases. A large response was received from the membership and the views expressed by members were incororated in the reply sent to SLAB . We also sought the views of members on the Law Society Legal Aid Committee  Discussion Paper on the future of Legal Aid. In our reply to the Law Society we expressed concern about the proposal to remove financial only divorce cases from eligibilty for legal aid as well as the problems faced by solicitors incurring large outlays on behalf of clients in legal aid cases . The Final paper produced by the Law Society Legal Aid Committee has removed the suggestion that financial only divorce cases be removed from from eligibilty for legal aid . Full details of the documents referred to and the responses from the F.L.A. can be viewed on our forum.